Circle Up: How to Recruit Teams for Small Group Ministry

So after our first webinar, you felt the call to foster the small group life of your congregation — that’s great! But now you’re probably realizing what a truly God-sized task that is. How can one person initiate a church-wide movement alone? Well, we know from Scripture that God calls individuals and teams to complete His work. In other words: you’re not alone. In fact, we believe recruiting teams to inspire your church’s small group ministry is the first step to acting on this call.

Now you might be wondering how exactly you’re supposed to find the right volunteers to complete this daunting task. That’s why we put together a free webinar titled “Circle Up: How to Recruit Teams for Small Group Ministry.” We share valuable information on utilizing the many unique gifts God has granted to individuals in your congregation. Watch the video below:

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The Next Step…


The Rev. Allen White
The Rev. Allen White
The Rev. Charlie Holt
The Rev. Charlie Holt

Our Presenters

Join The Rev. Charlie Holt and guest speaker Allen White as they share their personal expertise on organizing teams for small group ministry.

Did you miss our last webinar?

Watch the recording here: “Let’s Do Lent: Transforming Lives with Small Group Ministry.” You’ll get instant access to the first installment of our Small Group Ministry Webinar Series that focuses on preparing churches for an impactful Lenten season.

Wondering what’s next?

The third installment of our Small Group Ministry Webinar Series, titled “100% Congregation Involvement — Yes, It’s Possible!” is September 30 at 2:00 p.m. You’ll learn best practices of how congregations mobilize 100% of their average attendance into weekly small groups. Reserve your spot today by registering here.

Upcoming Webinar Topics:

Fourth Installment: Recruiting hosts.

Fifth Installment: Connecting your congregation into groups.

Sixth Installment: Coaching your new hosts for success.

Seventh Installment: New group basics: first meeting, childcare, other common issues.