The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New

The Resurrected Life is a small group Christian study that explores the new life given to all believers through the resurrection of Christ.

New Life! It's something we all want, but how do we find it?

The Bible promises that those who are in Christ are "new creatures." But how does that transformation take place? This unique Easter-season curriculum provides a space in which we can discover what it truly means to live a new life. As we listen, we'll learn how the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything - for us. 

And He who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new."

Revelation 21:5

God's plan in Jesus is to make all things new. This is not just a vision of what will happen on the last day - it is also a vision of what the Lord has already begun to do. Notice the present tense of Jesus' words: "I am making all things new."

This "making all things new" began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the day Jesus conquered death and arose from the grave, a new creation broke forth. Jesus Christ is alive, and He is making all things new - including you!



The Resurrected Life is composed of seven teachings, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. They can be streamed online or from a DVD. An accompanying study guide provides small group discussion and a daily devotional is for at-home reflection. 

SESSION ONE – All Things New
Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Letting Go and Letting God

Inviting God's Presence

Manifesting Jesus

SESSION FIVE – New Covenant
Experiencing Resurrection Power

SESSION SIX – New Creation
Stewarding the Good News

Living in the "Now" but "Not Yet"

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