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Sales Tax Information

Bible Study Media, Inc. currently has two locations – in Orlando, Florida and Houston, Texas. Since we have a legal sales nexus in those states, then we will need to collect sales tax from customers who make purchases from those states. If you make a purchase from Bible Study Media and your shipping address is in either Florida or Texas, then you will be charged sales tax. Additionally, some states are now passing laws that all internet sales with items being shipped into the state must also pay sales tax. Therefore, you may be charged sales tax no matter where you are located. Sales tax is automatically calculated by our shopping cart software based on the internet sales laws and the tax rates of the city, county, and state of your shipping address.

We recognize that many of our customers are nonprofits and charitable organizations, and we are pleased to provide you with sales tax exemption when you provide us your tax-exempt number. Please click here to fill out a form providing us with your organization’s tax-exempt information. Make sure to use the same organization name and email address when placing your order so that we can match your order with your tax-exempt ID.

Upon verification of your tax-exempt status, we will mark you as a tax-exempt customer, and you will not be charged tax on your future orders whenever you log in with the same account. If you have already been charged sales tax on a past order, please just let us know (info@biblestudymedia.com) and we will refund that for you! Note that we cannot mark you as tax exempt before your customer account is created, and so you will be charged sales tax on your first order. We will refund it promptly after your exemption has been verified!