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About Bible Study Media

About Bible Study Media and Our Goals and Community Support

The Goal of Bible Study Media

Bible Study Media takes seriously the importance of faithfully and consistently communicating the message of Jesus Christ through his Word. To accomplish this, Bible Study Media utilizes a team of exceptional Bible scholars to refine and clarify each study. We work with a team of over 20 writers, editors, and graphic designers to produce the very best in Bible Study curriculum, including experts in child development for children’s curriculum development.

Biblically Centered

Bible Study Media’s curriculum offers a new line of Christian formation resources that appeals to churches from a liturgical tradition that incorporate regular use of the Revised Common Lectionary. By aligning the curriculum to these common readings, families are enabled to have cross-generational discussions related to the sermon, Sunday School and Children’s Church teachings. We are pleased to say Bible Study Media’s curriculum is evangelical in its interpretation of Scripture and contemporary in its application. Such resources must uphold a high view of scriptural authority, be evangelistic, and Gospel-centered in approach.

Community Building

Technologically, human beings appear more connected than ever. We can keep up with old acquaintances, friends, and neighbors on Facebook. We may even feel close to celebrities and the people we follow on Instagram. However, research shows that a great deal of unhappiness stems from a growing disconnection via authentic in-person relationships. While Sunday church attendance is wonderful, it usually doesn’t allow for the time or intimacy necessary for personal connections. Our Adult Small Group and Children’s programs give participants a chance to bond with others and develop friendships as they journey towards a greater love and understanding of Christ.

Engaging Content

Our Hearts Alive Sunday School and Children’s Church programs are designed to be tactile as well as reflective. Unique activities and games allow children to experience the lesson on their age level. Each lesson revolves around the Sunday lectionary readings and contains a memory verse. A guided question-and-answer portion allow children to thoroughly comprehend what they are reading and how it applies to their lives.

The Adult Small Group materials also provide engaging lessons and reflective questions that help participants discover the hidden truths about themselves and how they can tap into the gifts that God freely bestows to all believers.


Bible Study Media programs are designed to help clergy and ministry directors simplify their duties and attract more teachers and group leaders. Our website and social media provide valuable links to teacher support articles, audio files, and videos.

Children’s Hearts Alive lessons are fully downloadable in a PDF format. There is no need to worry about lost books or having enough to go around. By printing only what you need, costs are kept to a minimum. With many activities to choose from, classes can be adapted for service length and needs. Craft patterns, take-home pages, and other activity handouts are provided so that prep work is simplified. Lessons are scripted so that teachers can focus on being present to the children instead of formal planning.

Participants in the Christian Life Trilogy (CLT) Small Group programs use a softbound journal for class and a devotional for at-home reflection. CLT videos can be purchased in DVD format or retrieved on-demand from our website for those churches who prefer to project videos via computer or smart device only. Our detailed campaign manual and training videos also assist leaders in every aspect for planning a successful church-wide study.