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A Gospel-based Sunday School Curriculum for a Child’s Heart

Children's Sunday

School Lessons


The curriculum is released every quarter. It can be purchased online as individual units, or you can set up a quarterly subscription by calling Customer Support.


Downloadable PDF files contain complete lessons, scripts, and printouts for all crafts. Children’s Directors can easily print what they need and email teachers lesson plans for the whole quarter.



*Pricing Based On Number of Students Per Age Group.

  • “Hearts Alive is the best curriculum I have ever used in my 30+ years of being in Children's Ministry. It keeps the children engaged and has enough variety that we can go to the next thing before losing their attention."

    ~Lynn Stover, Church of Our Saviour, Jacksonville, FL

  • “I love the curriculum! Very educational with a strong pedagogical element. I can tell educators have written it. It is more than just an arts and crafts class. It really gets into the Scriptures and is very well thought out. Kids are engaged.”

    ~ Jason Oden, Children’s Ministry Director, Trinity Episcopal, Covington, KY

  • “(I like that Hearts Alive is) easy to read and implement. The object of the lesson relates to the Scripture verses. Crafts and games are doable. There’s enough material to choose from.”

    ~ Nancy Harrell, Children’s Ministry Direction, Redemption Church, Frisco, TX

  • “I like the format of having a welcome activity, introduction, Scripture story/discussion, etc. Because you have provided so much content (this is a good thing) it allows us to pick what we think our students will like the best. It is clear that you have put a lot of effort into creating the lessons; they are well written and heartfelt... We teach for about 40-50 minutes each week, so the length of the lessons appealed to us. We are on a limited budget so the cost was a big factor. The PDF format is also nice because I can email the lessons to other teachers.”

    ~ Rob Frost, Formation Director, All Saints Episcopal, Hershey, PA

Fully Supported

We recognize the awesome responsibility of being a Children's Director. Our dedicated Curriculum Specialists and support materials are there to make your life easier!

Digital & Affordable

Downloadable PDF files provide cost savings. Lessons are priced according to class size. Only pay for what you need.


A wide variety of activities keeps kids engaged and always guessing about what comes next. Engaged children create a well-behaved, manageable classroom.

Easy To Facilitate

Lessons are scripted and mapped out from start to finish. Very little planning is necessary.

Our Approach

Today’s children grow up in a sophisticated world of stimulation and entertainment. Hearts Alive recognizes that keeping children connected and engaged can be a challenge, and new approaches are necessary. Each lesson contains captivating content and a wide variety of activities that seek to engage a child’s emotions and imagination.

Our writing team is composed of dedicated Christians and educators who craft each lesson with students' intellectual and social abilities in mind. Story-telling, drama, crafts, games, and even science and math problem-solving all contribute to an engaging and immersive experience.

Age Levels

Pre-K-Kindergarten, Lower Elementary (1st-3rd), Upper Elementary (4th-6th)


Sunday School

Scope & Sequence

3 Years


60 minutes


Children's Sunday

School Lessons


Pre-K – Kindergarten (ages 4-6)

Lower Elementary (ages 6-8)

Upper Elementary (ages 8-11)


1-15 students - $79.99

16-29 students - $99.99

30+ students - $119.99

Want To Know More About Our Lessons?

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