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  • Follow the ancient way of the Psalms and find the life God has for you.

    A Study of the Psalms traces our spiritual walk with God—from discovery and delight, through doubt and disappointment, into joyful confidence.

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  • Could you use some hope right now?

    Together with A Living Hope video teachings, this unique six-week study helps you uncover the priceless promises written specifically to the struggling and the hurting, with pastoral gentleness and bold confidence for the future.

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  • Discover what it means to pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

    The Crucified Life small group Christian study is designed to reflect upon the Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross and what they mean for us today. Walk the road of Calvary with Jesus in order to grow closer to Him.

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  • New Life! It's something we all want, but how do we find it?

    The Bible promises that those who are in Christ are "new creatures." But how does that transformation take place? This unique Easter-season curriculum provides a space in which we can discover what it truly means to live a new life.

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  • Jesus gave us an amazing gift. Are we experiencing it?

    Jesus calls the Holy Spirit a "gift" who will guide us, lead us, and empower us. Yet many believers don't experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This unique Christian Bible study provides a space in which we can explore what it truly means to "walk in the Spirit" on a daily basis.

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  • Igniting Hearts. Engaging Minds.

  • Want Greater Intimacy with God?

    The Lord invites us to pay attention, to move forward, to draw near, and to live lives of worship. Draw near to God and one another.

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  • Why is trust so difficult?

    Unlike all the broken promises of this world, God’s redeeming promises are absolute, trustworthy, and true. The covenants of God afford us with abundant reasons to trust God with his plan for our lives. The entire story of the Bible tells of a God who makes covenantal promises to his people. In response, the call is to trust him.

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