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Plan for a Fall Small Group Study Today

July 11, 2023

Plan for a Fall Small Group Study Today

Plan for a Fall Small Group Study Today

Something about the blistering heat of mid-summer makes me think about planning for Fall. Stay with me here: I step outside into what I can only describe as “sunburn as I walk to the car” weather and yearn for the crispness of fall, which makes me think about my church’s vision for the back-to-school season.

This reminds me that now is the ideal time to plan an impactful church-wide study to bring your congregation renewal and growth for the Fall. I have seen the effect a powerful study can have on a church during the transitional time between summer breaks and the winter holidays—here’s how you can use this time to prepare for a successful Fall study:

1. Have a vision. How do you want to implement the study? Do you have small groups that need to be rallied after a summer break? Do you want to begin or expand a small group ministry with this study as the catalyst? (If so, check out our Small Group Ministry Resources.) Do you want to invite the communities surrounding the church to join in the study? Having answers to those questions will help you create your big-picture vision for the next few months.

2. Build a team. Once you have your vision, consider the church members who will make the best leaders and help the vision bear fruit. Consider members outside of your “go-to” leaders. If you want different results than those of previous church ventures, perhaps you need a different team. Prayerfully and judicially consider your choices.

3. Set the goals and objectives with your team. Once you have prayed for and assembled the team, gather them together and share your vision with them. Begin to brainstorm focusing on the goals that, when met, will result in the fulfillment of the vision. Make a step-by-step plan to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Develop a leadership structure to mobilize the entire congregation. Each member of your team should create their own team to mobilize and involve your church members. These teams are necessary and foundational in creating a strong, successful church-wide fall study: Prayer team, Communication Team, Small Group Coaching Team, Administration Team, and a Worship Planning Team.

5. Give yourself time to mobilize the congregation. The reason why you want to begin NOW, instead of in a few weeks: it takes time to build the right team, plan your strategy, and mobilize the congregation. An ideal timeline looks something like this:
  • 8-10 weeks out build the leadership team
  • 6-8 weeks out recruit your small group hosts and leaders
  • 2-4 weeks out recruit participants.
Now is the time to begin planning and preparing for Fall. Bible Study Media is here to help. Check out our free training resources as well as our curriculum today.

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