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Are You Bringing New Hearts Alive for Jesus?

July 18, 2023

Are You Bringing New Hearts Alive for Jesus?

Are You Bringing New Hearts Alive for Jesus?

By Laura Bell Ouimet

The past few years have been tough for everyone, but there's one group that may have suffered the long term impacts of social unrest, cultural shifts and advancing technology more than any others. And that's children.

According to the CDC, suicide was the second leading cause of death (CDC Facts About Suicide1) for people ages 10-14 in 2021. The implications of that figure are staggering. Children around the world are suffering and need the transformational power of Jesus in their lives. Yet while almost 56% of churches have seen attendance in children's ministries return to normal in the U.S, nearly one-third of churches say budgets are down compared to pre-pandemic giving. (Children's Ministry Statistics from Sunday School Works2). At Bible Study Media, we hear the same thing. Every day churches tell us they need help bringing the gospel to children in their communities. 

We want to help bring children to the knowledge and love of Jesus so that they can live ... and live life abundantly!

Hearts Alive is a gospel-centered journey for children into the life and love of Jesus. Sound biblical teaching introduces children to God through his Word with a strong overview of the story of salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We've built a Hearts Alive community where churches, leaders and volunteers can get free training, learn best practices from other leaders and interact with our staff. On August 2 at 12pm noon EST, we'll be starting a brand-new initiative to host weekly live check-ins with ministry leaders and volunteers to pray for them and pray for the children they lead.

But we can't do it alone. We need you!

YOU can play a pivotal role in bringing young hearts alive for Jesus - you can bring Hearts Alive in churches that desperately need it.

Here are three ways you can help...

  • Become our prayer partner - Commit to praying with us at noon every single day for all of God's children to come to know their Creator and His great love for them.
  • Sponsor a church fully. With three-year curriculum for each unique age group. This means you've empowered a children's ministry for an ENTIRE GENERATION as kids move through the three age groups - Pre-K/K to Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary.

Bible Study Media is a 501c-3 and any gift is tax deductible. Further, we're adamant that every single dollar gifted to the Bring Hearts Alive Campaign goes directly to the gift of a three-year, lectionary based study for children in Pre-K through Upper Elementary. We will not use these funds from this campaign for overhead or program costs.

We believe that all of God's children are priceless and they need to know about Jesus now, more than ever before.

Will you help us bring new hearts alive for Jesus?

Please prayerfully consider joining us a prayer partner or in gifting Hearts Alive Curriculum to a community in need. 

1 CDC: Facts about Suicide
2 Children's Ministry Statistics

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