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The Resurrected Life: Devotional Book

A study for the season of Easter

New Life! It is something we all want. But how do we find it? The Bible promises that those who are in Christ are “new creatures.” But how does that transformation take place?
This unique 7-week Devotional explores seven key areas of life transformation we experience as we learn to live The Resurrected Life Jesus won for us at Calvary. Used alone or as part of The Resurrected Life DVD small-group study series, this special Easter season resource provides a space in which we can discover what it means to truly live a new life.

As we read each day’s Scripture and teaching meditation, we’ll learn how the Resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything-including for us.

Jesus Christ is making all things new–Right Now! Begin your journey to New Life today!

The Resurrected Life is part of the Christian Life Trilogy series.

Chapters include:

  • All Things New
  • New Life
  • New Temple
  • New Body
  • New Covenant
  • New Creation
  • New Day