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How to Find Soul Satisfaction

March 23, 2022 1 Comment

Find Satisfaction in God

How to Find Soul Satisfaction

By Brooke Holt

“My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips, when I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night.” (Psalm 63:5–6)

As you read these words from Psalm 63, remember what David was facing when he wrote them. David was running for his life in the wilderness. He must have been confused as he remembered the path of his life from shepherd to king. David was the youngest of his brothers, and he would have been voted most unlikely to be king. But he was the one God had chosen (1 Samuel 16:6–13).

As the Lord reminded Samuel, God’s ways are not what our human eyes can see. “For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). David knew and loved the Lord. He longed for the Lord like a desperately thirsty man (Psalm 63:1). Now he moves beyond quenched thirst to satisfaction after a rich meal. But it is not David’s body that has been satisfied—it is his spirit. David describes a deep, complete sense of satisfaction in the Lord. But now, the king is a refugee. How would he find satisfaction while running and wondering and fearing for his very life?

David remembered the Lord’s character—his faithfulness (v. 7), love (v. 3), and justice (v. 11). As David meditated on these truths, his soul found rest, contentment, and satisfaction. But his calm did not come from a change in his circumstances; his inner peace did not bubble up from within him. David’s contentment grew as he meditated on the word of the Lord. David intentionally took his heart and mind off his circumstances and purposefully set them on the Lord.

What do you do when you face challenges? How do you seek satisfaction for your soul when your circumstances are not as you planned? David teaches you how to find soul satisfaction even in the most trying of circumstances. Look away from yourself and look away from the world. Set your mind and heart on God’s truth. Remember his faithfulness to you in the past and trust his steadfast love for the future. Meditate on God’s truth and love. Allow him to quench your deepest thirst, and your lips will praise him with joy. God is the only one who can truly satisfy your soul. May you look to him today!


Where do you seek satisfaction? Do you make time each day to remember the faithfulness of the Lord? Choose one or two verses from this psalm and consider memorizing and meditating on them this week.We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Pearl  Ross
Pearl Ross

October 23, 2023

I truly appreciated this sharing,because I am on a journey about the healing of my soul,it helped me in knowing that only God can truly satisfy and heal my soul ,thank you so much

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