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A Living Hope: A Study of 1 Peter

A Living Hope: Small Group Study Starter Kit

Come encounter A LIVING HOPE that will never fail…

Peter’s first letter is full of hard-earned wisdom, offering

  • Hope for those who long.
  • Hope for those who struggle.
  • Hope for those undergoing trials.
  • Hope for those who feel lost or unseen.
  • Hope for those who have failed, miserably.
  • Hope for those who wonder if God is there or if he is good.
  • Hope for us.

Join Peter’s first audience—“elect exiles” undergoing persecution—and experience the apostle’s powerful call to follow Jesus in the midst of life’s challenges, knowing your Living Hope is not a distant one, but a daily, glorious, life-giving reality!

Together with A Living Hope video teachings, this unique six-week study helps you uncover the priceless promises written specifically to the struggling and the hurting, with pastoral gentleness and bold confidence for the future.

Session Themes:

Week One: Faith Greater Than Gold

Week Two: Sincere Love

Week Three: Holy Living Temple

Week Four: Follow the Shepherd of Our Souls

Week Five: Suffering for Doing Good

Week Six: Standing Firm and Faithful

(1) A Living Hope Study Guide/Devotional Book (paperback)
(1) A Living Hope DVD