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The Way of Jesus Is Certain

April 11, 2022

The way of Jesus is certain.

The Way of Jesus Is Certain

By Brooke Holt

“And when he had said these things, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem. When he drew near to Bethpage and Bethany, at the mount that is called Olivet, he sent two of the disciples, saying, ‘Go into the village in front of you, where on entering you will find a cold tied, on which no one has ever yet sat. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, “Why are you untying it?” you shall say this: “The Lord has need of it.”’ So those who were sent went away and found it just as he had told them.” (Luke 19:28–32)

You have heard this text many times, so read it again. When a passage is familiar, our challenge is to take time to truly ponder the words and their significance. Our minds tend to disengage when reading or hearing repeated words, even when those words are straight from Scripture. So slow down today and reengage. This passage is quite odd! Jesus sends some of his disciples with directions to borrow a specific colt, one “on which no one has ever sat” (v. 30).

Now just imagine that you were one of those disciples. You have been told what to do, and you proceed into town as Jesus has instructed. And guess what? Everything happens just as Jesus said it would. There is a colt, an inquiring owner, and permission to take that colt. Jesus knew the plan, communicated the plan, and allowed his disciples to be part of his providential plan.

Don’t you think Jesus could have just gone and gotten the colt himself? Of course. However, Jesus loves to work with his people and through his people. Through Jesus’s instructions, the disciples learned obedience and trust. The way of Jesus is certain. What he says will come to pass. Can you imagine how the disciples would have remembered this day? When fleshly doubt tempted them in seasons to come, they could remember that day. The words of Jesus are trustworthy and true. His divine plan will come to pass.

The way of Jesus is certain even when everything in your life is uncertain. You can cling to him when there is nothing left to cling to in this world. Jesus will come again, Jesus will make all things new, and Jesus will resurrect all those who put their faith in him. Today is a day to remember what he has done and what he has yet to do. Choose faith, knowing that your faith is certain for today and forever!


How do you need to be reminded that the will of the Lord is certain, that he is trustworthy and true? Take some time today to remember his faithfulness to you. Allow that remembering to build your faith and your joy. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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