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The Rev. Christopher Caudle - Writer

July 13, 2017

Fr. Christopher Caudle is a Sunday School writer and Bible Background consultant on the Hearts Alive project. Fr. Christopher is the Associate Rector at the Church of the New Covenant in Winter Springs, FL. He is in charge of Christian Education. From their website: Christopher is someone I hasten to describe as one in whom there is no guile. While he has an authentic sense of humor, loving bad jokes as well good ones, he'll not be heard using it inappropriately. He is for sure, a man after our Lord's own heart. He has an acute sense of propriety as well, what needs to be done and when and how, most of the time anyway. Anyone who has sat at his feet knows him to be a learned student and studied teacher. Most folks into books as he is, are not so much into people, not so with Fr. Christopher, he has a pastor's heart. While doing and being all of this he somehow manages to keep his family as a keen priority. And well he should as precious as they are. He keeps things in very good order with his Lord, his family, and his ministry. Of course one look into his inner sanctum and his sins are right before your eyes, his addiction to Coke and books are there for all to see. Nothing is hidden, as I said, one without guile. Education: BA in History from the University of North Carolina MA in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theology Seminary Ordination: Deacon in 2006 Priest in 2009.

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