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St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

January 17, 2018

At St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Deland, 13 small groups met during Lent, 2015, and used The Crucified Life for their study. About 135 members participated. So far we have received feedback from 8 of the 13 groups. Currently I know of 4 of these groups that plan to continue The Christian Life Trilogy, using The Resurrected Life. Two of the groups are planning to continue, but using a different resource. One group wants to wait until next Lent to use The Resurrected Life. The following were responses to the question asked of our leaders, “What would you say has been the most important value your group received from this experience?”
  • Everyone loved the series and got a great deal out of it. Most felt that they saw the crucifixion in a different way with a deeper understanding. Words like thirst took on a new meaning.
  • All enjoyed getting to know each other and getting closer each week.
  • All were blessed through the series
  • Being comfortable with one another, building trust
  • To come together and share. (We all thought the material was excellent.)
  • The excellent core content has guided our conversation and created the environment for our group members to grow individually and as a group.
  • Getting to know each other and accepting each other in whatever situation we are in at this time.
  • We all learned the importance of really listening to each other. Some members of our group don't have other Christian friends to talk to.
  • Making connections, community building, and sharing spiritual experiences
  • There has been remarkable growth in the group.
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

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