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Spring Into a New Season of Hearts Alive!

January 18, 2022

Hearts Alive Year C Spring

Hearts Alive Gospel Curriculum for Kids will be releasing its Spring curriculum soon! Lectionary Year C Spring begins with Lent, focusing on the Psalms in the Children's Church material and powerful moments from the life of Jesus in Sunday School. It then continues through the Easter season with a series on Resurrection from the Gospel of John in Children's Church, and an incredible study of Revelation in Sunday School. Hearts Alive Year C Spring runs from March 6 - May 29, 2022.

Hearts Alive:

  • Stirs a child's sense of wonder and delight with biblical truth.
  • Has enduring relevance with a Gospel-centered tradition.
  • Takes a child-friendly approach to the lectionary.
  • Contains flexible and adaptive content for building children's faith.
  • Is ideal for churches with limited teachers and stretched resources.

Purchase Hearts Alive Spring Here

In addition, Hearts Alive has an online subscription program that comes along with an online community.

  • The Hearts Alive community provides a new platform to purchase Hearts Alive subscriptions.
  • Free membership to the Hearts Alive community gives access to a network of other users, as well as the authors of the curriculum.
  • Ask questions, share ideas, and gain access to private groups for your children's ministry team.
  • Each subscription quarter can be downloaded as a whole, as individual weeks, or as individual sections (e.g. all take-home papers or just the PreK-K section of children's church) for greater flexibility.
  • Private groups allow your children's ministry team and Sunday School teachers to post questions, discussions, and announcements accessible only to you.

Learn More about Hearts Alive Community and Subscriptions

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