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Looking for a Non-Denominational Gospel-Centered Sunday School Program?

June 07, 2022

Looking for a Gospel-Centered Children's Curriculum?

Looking for a Non-Denominational Gospel-Centered Sunday School Program?

By Christine O'Brien

Hearts Alive, a non-denominational Gospel-based Sunday school curriculum, introduces children to God through his Word with a strong overview of the story of salvation and how it ties to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This three-year curriculum covers the entire Bible. Special emphasis is given to the Gospel and integrating God’s Word into a child’s faith and life.

Features of Hearts Alive:

  • Christ Centered: Lectionary aligned content that emphasizes the story of salvation through the whole Bible.

  • Engaging: Each lesson contains captivating content and a wide variety of activities that seek to engage a child’s emotions and imagination.

  • Pedagogical: Our writing team is composed of dedicated Christians and educators who craft each lesson with student’s intellectual and social abilities in mind. Storytelling, drama, crafts, games, and even science and math problem-solving all contribute to an engaging and immersive experience.

  • Family Oriented: Connects children and parents to the same lectionary Scripture readings in lectionary aligned churches.

  • Four Levels: Pre-K-K, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Children’s Church.

  • User-friendly with a minimum amount of prep for teachers. Lessons are scripted and complete with memory verses, suggested snacks, a variety of activities, and a Take Home Page for parents to follow up during the week. Use as much or as little as you like.

  • Hearts Alive supports Children’s Directors and Sunday School teachers: Our dedicated curriculum specialists are available to help with any questions or needs you may have.

  • Hearts Alive Community: Free membership to the Hearts Alive Community gives access to a network of other users, as well as authors of the curriculum to maximize the leaders’/teachers/volunteers’ experience.

  • Economical & Convenient: Downloadable format that is easy to share with a team of leaders and volunteers. Each subscription quarter can be downloaded as a whole, as individual weeks, or as individual sections for greater flexibility.

Take a look at this faith-building curriculum today by downloading a FREE week of curriculum here!

Hearts Alive Sunday School and Children's Church provide liturgical congregations a highly-anticipated children’s curriculum that combines captivating content, lectionary alignment, and Gospel focus for children ages 3-12. For those seeking to engage children in a fun, age-appropriate application to the Revised Common Lectionary, Hearts Alive is a three-year course of study to give children a strong overview of the story of salvation and how it ties to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hearts Alive supports and elevates liturgical traditions and the church calendar while using clear, contemporary learning techniques to present the Word of God. Learn more in our online community.

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