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Janice Miller

November 09, 2017

I want to give a brief witness to the amazing beginning our Ladies Bible Study group experienced this morning as we shared Session One together. The women in our group, as you may have heard, have really bonded together as we have shared the Word over this past couple of years, and we always have a great time together...hence the name "Beloved Bible Bunch".  But I don't think any of us were prepared for the blessing the Holy Spirit poured out upon us this morning.  Three new ladies have joined us for The Crucified Life series, and they obviously immediately felt welcome because they quickly joined in the discussion as we shared our thoughts on the question as to why it is often difficult to forgive.  Soon there was deep sharing, some with desperate need for God's help and healing grace.  At the end, we had a time of laying on of hands and prayer together.  The power of God's presence was palpable and  tears flowed.  We had a sense that the ones with deep needs were "sent" to experience the love of Christ in our midst.

I am truly awed.....and joy bubbles up as I anticipate the continued sessions.  Thank you so much for being faithful to God's call to develop these studies.

Yours in our Lord,

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