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Implement a Small Group Study on Christian Life - Exponential Thinking

August 18, 2017

The biggest hurdle in implementing a church-wide study of any kind is figuring out where to begin. Rev. Charlie Holt, author of The Christian Life Trilogy, has the answers and will be sharing them over the course of this 7-part series!  See the previous post in the series below the video. You've made the choice to align your vision with the heart of the Lord for your church. Where do you go from here? Do you "go big?" See how to take the next step into exponential thinking in the next piece of this series: Ready to take the next step? See where we've been and where to go from here with all the videos in this series:

Episode 1: Focus on Things of First Importance

Episode 2: Exponential Thinking

Episode 3: Building a Team

Episode 4: Plan Your Campaign

Episode 5: How to Recruit Hosts

Episode 6: Host Training Session

Episode 7: The Value of a Church-Wide Campaign 

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