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Honest Prayer and Intimacy with God

May 09, 2023

Honest Prayer and Intimacy with God

Honest Prayer and Intimacy with God

By Sally Lombardo

Our honest prayer before God is evidence we understand the ways he loves, cherishes, sees, and hears us. Through prayer, we can stand beside the same well where Abraham’s servant Hagar stood and acknowledged God saying, “You are the living One who sees me” (Genesis 16:14). When you pray, you are affirming the same thing: God sees you, hears you, and cares about the cries of your heart.

Why do we often hide from this privilege? Why do we avoid God, the One who sees us as we are and stands ready to provide and answer us in his holy, timely way?

Throughout Scripture, God provides many examples of people who truly sought him in prayer: Job, Ruth, Hannah, and David to name a few. Each of these individuals honestly expressed their needs before the Lord. Each brought their authentic self before the Lord. And each acknowledged God as the One who could guide their paths and change their hearts.

The Lord invites you into this intimate experience of honest prayer today. He longs for you to bring the fullness of your needs, desires, hurts, and disappointments before his throne. There, the Lord of the universe stands ready to meet you and lead you past fear and into faith, strength, and hope.

What holds you back from this kind of intimacy with the Lord? What steps would God have you take today to move towards him? The same God who sees you, hears you, and knows the deepest secrets in your heart is also the same God who loves with you a perfect and steadfast love.

There are many great resources to help you develop this kind of intimate prayer life. Bible Study Media is delighted to offer you the study entitled Honest Prayer: A Study of the Prayers of Job, Ruth, Hannah, and David. This eight-week study includes daily devotionals, a study guide, and weekly videos - ideal for a small group or for your own personal study.


Honest Prayer

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