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Hearts Alive Sunday School Winter A: Advent & Beyond

November 29, 2022

Hearts Alive

Preview of Hearts Alive Sunday School Curriculum Winter A: Advent & Beyond

By Christine O'Brien

The Hearts Alive Year A Winter curriculum takes us from the beginning of December all the way to the beginning of March. During that time, we will celebrate the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and the Baptism and Transfiguration of Jesus. The curriculum follows the lectionary readings from Year A, with many of the lessons being based on the Gospels of Matthew and/or Luke.

Children will have the opportunity to experience the anticipation of Christmas with beautiful lessons that repeatedly illustrate the theme of waiting for Christ's coming in interesting and fun ways. Additionally, they will walk with Jesus as he is baptized while here on earth, calls the twelve disciples and Jesus’ gift of salvation: saving us for a purpose!

The season wraps up by Jesus revealing His divinity through the Transfiguration and reminding us that we should be in awe of but not afraid of Jesus. Jesus died for our sins, so we can stand before God’s holy presence forever. As always, the same passages and Big Ideas are studied across all three age levels, providing an excellent opportunity for churches to encourage and equip families to follow up with their children throughout the week at home.

Each lesson combines solid, Christ-centered teaching with creative and interesting discussion topics, games, activities, and crafts. This season also includes many colorful illustrations to ignite children's imaginations and opportunities for children to consider and experience some more contemplative moments in well considered, age-appropriate responses to the text.

As I have previewed each unit of the Year A Winter curriculum, I am so excited for churches, children and families to journey with Hearts Alive this season. I was reminded of all the incredible ways that Hearts Alive is such a wonderful resource for children’s ministry. You will find a solid, Gospel-centered orientation, creative, hands-on activities, and child-friendly, colorful illustrations that we have come to expect and treasure about this curriculum.

If you are a Children's Minister or Sunday school teacher who uses Hearts Alive, we would love to invite you to join our Hearts Alive Network, where there is a community of people who will benefit from the wisdom you have to share about how Hearts Alive works in your context.

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Hearts Alive

Hearts Alive Sunday School and Children's Church provide liturgical congregations a highly-anticipated children’s curriculum that combines captivating content, lectionary alignment, and Gospel focus for children ages 3-12. For those seeking to engage children in a fun, age-appropriate application to the Revised Common Lectionary, Hearts Alive is a three-year course of study to give children a strong overview of the story of salvation and how it ties to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hearts Alive supports and elevates liturgical traditions and the church calendar while using clear, contemporary learning techniques to present the Word of God. Learn more in our online community.

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