Do You Want to Be Healed?

February 25, 2016

One of the reasons we stay stuck in our old life is because we cannot even imagine the real possibilities of a new life. Frankly, we don’t know how to live as resurrected people. Consider the man in John, chapter 5, who was an invalid for 38 years, lying on a mat by the Sheep Gate pool in Jerusalem. For all those years, this man had to be carried everywhere he went; he could not move without someone moving him. There was a legend about the Sheep Gate pool. It was believed that occasionally an angel would stir the waters, and if a person was blessed enough to get into the waters the moment they were stirred, they would be healed. This man lay constantly by the waters, hoping for a miracle. But as he said to Jesus, he had no one to lift him into the pool when the water was stirred. He was totally dependent on others. When Jesus saw the man, He did not ask him if he wanted His help to lower him into the pool. Rather, Jesus asked him this key question, “Do you want to be healed?” (John 5:6). As a member of the clergy, homeless men and women often approach me for help. I have noticed that for some, though certainly not all, there is no real desire to be freed from homelessness. They may want money for the next meal, or a drink, but not real help. Jesus was asking whether this man wanted a new reality—a new life!

That’s the crucial question Jesus asks each of us: “Do you want to be healed?”

Our old self is like a comfortable pair of shoes, worn thin with tatters and holes. Yet we know these old shoes. They are familiar. They are ours. In contemplating the idea of a new reality and a new life, the unknown aspect alone is enough to prevent us from answering the question in the affirmative. How would you answer Jesus’ question: “Do you want to be healed?” Do you want to live a new life? The invalid in the story really did want to be healed—only, the method he was hoping for was more superstition than reality. Instead, Jesus said to him, “Stand up, take your mat and walk” (John 5:8, NRSV). Jesus says the same to us. Many people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ are spiritual invalids lying on a mat waiting for someone else to come along and do a miraculous work in their life. Instead, Jesus invites the willing to stand up and take a step in faith, like the man in the story.
“At once the man was made well, and he took up his mat and began to walk.” John 5:9 (NRSV)
What did new life look like for that man by the pool? First of all, he was no longer dependent. Nobody had to carry him around anymore. Second, he could now work; he could find a job! Third, his relationships would be redefined. No longer would family members attend to his every need. His liberation from the bondage of paralysis set him free to become a responsible human being who could stand up on his own two feet, carry his own mat, and walk of his own volition and direction. One of the more humorous parts of the story is when the rulers of the Temple catch the newly healed man red-handed, walking with his mat on the Sabbath. They accuse him of violating the law against doing work on the Sabbath. He immediately tells them that the man who had made him well was the one who had bid him to take up his mat—Jesus. The irony is that the very systems of the world that seemingly promise us life can be marshaled against our being healed! So long as that man stayed an invalid, trapped on a mat, waiting for somebody else to help him, the system was content to leave him alone. But as soon as he began to stand and walk in the newness of life, he stood out as a sore thumb to be attacked by others, to be put back in his place. Let me ask you again: Do you want to be healed? If the answer is yes, Jesus challenges you to stand up, pick up your mat, and walk. Like the invalid, you will find a new level of freedom and personal responsibility in your new life. But like the invalid, you, too, may find that your freedom is a thorn in the side of the system or those who would have you stay on your “mat” and wait for someone else to solve your problems. Resurrected people are a threat to the status quo. Don’t let those voices shame you into going back to the way you were. Claim the authority of the Name of Jesus as the One who told you to stand up, take up your mat, and walk. Use His name against the powers that would hold you back. At His name, oppressive powers must flee! Take a step today into the newness of your Resurrected Life. -- The Rev. Charlie Holt
This is the full devotional from The Resurrected Life, Week 2, Day 9, (p. 40). Find out more about The Resurrected Life Devotional and Small Group Study here.

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40 Days of Discipline Can Really Change Your Life
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February 12, 2020

By Brooke Holt, Adult Curriculum Specialist

I am one of those strange people who absolutely loves a good challenge. At least twice a year, I sign up for a challenge to work out six times a week, five workouts in the gym and one workout on my own. These are not easy workouts; they are specifically designed to challenge the participants physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   

Some days it is easy to make it to my workouts. Some days it is just not. In fact, this morning was one of those days I could have missed the workout for a hundred reasons. BUT, I have no margin in my schedule this weekso I awoke at 5:00 in the morning to make the 5:45am class. It was painful, but I did it. And you know what? I felt great after the class. There is something to be said about discipline and commitment. 

The health industry is pushing people to learn new disciplines which strengthen and heal the body. Is the church encouraging its people to learn new disciplines which strengthen and heal the soul? There is something unique about a challenge, about accountability, about being pushed beyond what you would normally do on your own. There is also something special about community formed in a challenge.   

This Lent, I challenge you to take on a 40 Day Lenten discipline! What would it look like for you to invite your church, your small group, your friends into a 40 Day Challenge with you? Bible Study Media understands the power of a Lenten study and has provided resources for you. Consider The Crucified Life. What does it mean to die to self in order to live to Christ? Or take on the challenge of Draw Near and learn what it means to live a life of worship. Each of these studies has 7 weeks of daily devotional readings, plus weekly small group questions and online video teachings. 

The resurrection of Jesus takes on even greater meaning after 40 days of discipline and sacrifice. This Lent, I would love to support you in your own discipline, your own challenge. Let me help you find the right study for your church, your small group, or yourself.  

I am at the end of my 40 day health challenge. I feel strong, accomplished, and awakened to new possibilities in my life. In fact, I am already thinking about my next challenge. While the process of transformation is not easy, it is so good. My ultimate desire is to look more like Jesus. In order to reach that goal, I need daily transformation! 

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The Power of Alignment
The Power of Alignment

February 08, 2020

Imagine for a moment the impact on your church if for 40 days every person in your congregation lived in alignment with God’s will in the pattern of Jesus’ call to pick up our cross and follow him. What if your people lived in powerful community with their small groups to discuss and pray over lives sacrificed to God? What if, as groups and individual people began to experience the power of God in their lives as they surrendered all to Jesus Christ?

By intentionally coordinating and aligning the elements of your Lenten season using The Crucified Life materials, you will make an environment for spiritual growth that will move your congregation from self to surrender.

By aligning the following three elements of participation, you will see the power of God working in your church because of the intentional focus on the heart of the Gospel and the grace offered in the cross of Jesus Christ:

  1. Individual Participation:

    This is the real heart of The Crucified Life study, and it is the element that will produce the greatest spiritual growth among the members of your congregation. The goal is to encourage individuals to read and reflect on God’s Word through the daily devotions and to prayerfully consider His will for their lives daily throughout the study. By participating in this campaign, each person will be challenged to grow spiritually and experience God’s plan for living a transformed life.

  2. Group Participation:

    A powerful element of The Crucified Life is getting people to explore and experience God’s will in true biblical community. We provide you with curriculum to be used in small groups or classes for adults and children. Individuals bond through prayer and authentic discussion in a smaller community within your congregation. They will enjoy the benefits of sharing life, spiritual growth, and accountability for that growth. These small group experiences are vital to ensuring the greatest personal spiritual growth, as well as a commitment to ongoing growth as a community within your congregation.

  3. Sunday Worship Participation:

    The services that take place during the Christian Life Trilogy campaign include Forgiveness Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost. These services offer opportunities for the Senior Pastor and worship planning team to call the entire congregation to a depth of worship. The drama of Lent and Holy week become intense, real, and personal, as the entire congregation has been focusing on the cross and following the way of Christ together.

By creating a singular Lenten focus on what it means to “pick up our cross” and follow Jesus in the way of the Crucified Life, the entire congregation is called to a Holy Lent together. This unified focus will burst forth in new life with the announcement of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday!

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