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Christopher Brathwaite

July 13, 2017

Yesterday at Bible Study I listened to Bertram and all I could say was, "what excitement," I listened to a man full of joy as he reported on his home group/small group study on "Shame and Guilt" I thank Rev. Charlie for his vision and I prayer that more of us will be as inspired as Bert, as we continue this series. I pray that we will lean forward and stretch our minds to embrace this old story with the excitement and the newness it is bringing to light. I pray that those who think of ritual only will find in their small/home group, peace, joy, newness in building new friendships, faithful relationships, and a new thirst for the things of life that truly matter; a new thirst for the wisdom of God.

Dear Lord, thank you for love, joy, peace, and faithfulness to you Word, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.

Fr. Chris

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