Small Group Campaign Resources

The Value of a Church-Wide Campaign:

Make Small Group Bible Study a true event on which the entire congregation can focus. The seasons of the liturgical calendar are designed just for that: setting aside time to prepare our hearts for a truly special experience like Easter and Pentecost. Many pastors have been amazed at the life-changing healing and forgiveness that these studies have awakened.

The Christian Life Trilogy Campaign Manual and DVD provide leaders and small group hosts some vital strategies to make a church-wide campaign effective and easy, no matter which Bible study your groups are using.

Watch the Leadership Training Videos below:

Here are the next steps to a successful campaign:

  • Choose your study. Consider The Christian Life Trilogy or Draw Near.
  • Cast the vision to your key leaders.
  • Build a leadership team.
  • Set a goal of a church-wide campaign for your next season of groups.
  • Plan to engage 100% of your average weekend attendance in small groups!
  • Partner with other churches for a community-wide campaign.

Resources for The Christian Life Trilogy Promotion & FAQ

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A printable timeline of the Christian Life Trilogy Campaign with To-Do checklists that will take you through the whole campaign. Download PDF.

The Christian Life Trilogy by Father Charlie Holt is a small group series that runs through Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.

The series consists of The Crucified Life, The Resurrected Life and The Spirit-Filled Life. It’s designed to draw the Body of Christ closer to God and closer to each other as we walk through the liturgical year together, focusing on the core message of the Christian faith.

Book one, The Crucified Life, will be our church-wide study during Lent leading up to Holy Week and Easter. Many churches nationwide will be hosting their own groups at the same time.

The 7-week program uses Jesus’ seven last words from the cross to address the problems of guilt, shame, family issues, internal struggles, the problem of evil, trust issues, and failure.

Each week, groups will watch a 15-20 minute segment from The Crucified Life DVD followed by group discussion from the accompanying Study Guide.

We’re asking you to host one of the small groups, either in your home or another location. Our goal is 40* households hosting a group of 10* people. The main requirement is hospitality. You are not expected to lead or to be a Bible scholar. The materials provide all of the teaching and direction you need. The materials also encourage rotating some of the host duties within the group, so that no one person or couple is doing all the work.

*-Insert your own goal!

By rotating the host duties within the group, we will be raising a large group of potential hosts as we begin The Resurrected Life following Easter up to Pentecost.

The final series, The Spirit-Filled Life – a 6-week study – will be scheduled either over the summer, or as a fall series.

Imagine the impact the Christian Life Trilogy can make, with most of our congregation making the same trek to the cross at the same time as hundreds of other people spread across numerous churches across the nation. We believe it will transform individual lives, the life of our congregation, our community, and even our nation at large.

Will you say yes to helping make the first 7 weeks a success? We’re counting on your participation.

Many potential hosts have questions to be answered before committing to lead a group. View the FAQ sheet here. Feel free to produce something similar for your own congregation.

You are free to embed these videos on your website or show them at your gatherings.

If it would be more convenient for your groups than the use of a DVD, our videos are available for online streaming on our website. Those who purchase the DVD will receive a code for free digital access. Alternatively, you may purchase and view the videos online at the links below:

Click here to view recordings of our Small Group Ministry Webinar Series, with helpful information for launching a successful small group ministry at your church. Topics include:

  • Making the Lent season meaningful
  • Recruiting a small group ministry leadership team
  • Involving 100% of your congregation in small groups
  • Recruiting small group hosts
  • Connecting your congregation into groups
  • Coaching small group leaders
  • Basic instructions for new group leaders