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Holly Conover-Wade

July 13, 2017

Fr. Charlie,

Well we are at the end of the Spirit-Filled Life. (we split up because of travel schedules and all will finish by 1/12.  Several just want to start at the beginning and "do it again."  Don't you just love that?  I believe I fall into that group.  It is a remarkable gift that you have shared with each of us.  I told the women when we started that I had been praying for each of them, by name each day, after we decided on this study.  I also told them that I would continue to pray each day and if each of them would make the same commitment as well, they would be astounded by what God would do with it. I know I was. We had The Holy Spirit and 11 women (three new) excited about coming to Bible Study, Him and each other!  The daily readings are compelling and clear and the explanations of gifts and fruit and how they are used together is so helpful.  I believe our new intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit will strengthen each of us.  So, thank you and keep writing!

Holly Conover-Wade

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